Beverage Kit (Compressor w/ Auto Drain + Wall Bracket + Valve + Accessories)


The Beverage kit includes the compact OF-90-24 beverage compressor, the Co2 to air change over valve, 10 meters of air hose and the wall bracket.

An auto drain is recommended as it ensures there is no moisture left in the tank. It automatically removes any liquid and deposits it into a condensate bottle. As a result this machine is completely maintenance free.

The kit is extremely easy to set up. Typical install taking less than an hour. The kit contain all necessary items to start running your beverage application. All items arrive with a full set of instructions that can also be downloaded from our website.


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Note: To view a print ready version of the data sheet below, please visit the downloads page.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 620 × 300 × 520 mm

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